Detoxing from synthetic scent

03 March 2024

A selection of natural alternatives from our favourite brands to help you make the switch from synthetics.

There’s a reason so many products are ‘fragrance-free’. Fragrance - in the typical sense - isn’t good for you. The majority of fragrances contain petrochemicals and other synthetic materials that can disrupt your endocrine system, cause headaches and other ailments - and ultimately end up as toxins washed into the ecosystem. 

A detox from synthetic scent can be a liberating experience. You may notice your sense of smell enhanced, your complexion cleared, and less overwhelm as your olfactory system is cleansed.

Once you explore your home, your beauty routine and cleaning products, you could be surprised by how much synthetic scent is embedded in your life. See below our suggestions to help you switch to natural fragrance.

It goes without saying that we are firm believers of using only natural Eau de Parfum. Something sprayed so close to lymph nodes and absorbed into skin should be created from natural origins. For a natural AND low allergen option, we recommend Nurture – a gently calming, floral musk. 

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Activist Manuka create gentle but potent products that harness the healing benefits of Manuka honey. Their Green Botanical Serum combines rich botanicals for a deeply moisturised, calm and even complexion. Everyone in the Abel office swears by it.

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Many shampoos and conditioners contain overpowering synthetic fragrances that linger for days. Sans Ceuticals offer a concise collection of multipurpose, naturally scented products, including haircare. Their Nourishing Hair Hydratant is an incredibly rich, nourishing conditioner that deeply moisturises and repairs — paired with their pH + Shine Corrector, our hair has truly never looked better.

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Hair care

Deodorants often rely on synthetic fragrance as part of their product performance, leaving you with that signature synthetic smell all day long. Our friends at Corpus have some wonderful natural alternatives.

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Personal care

It was due to demand from our Abel community that we created our 100% natural Room Sprays. Synthetic fragrances used in many candles and diffusers are particularly potent, and designed to (unnaturally) stick to their environment with the use of petrochemical derivatives. Free from nasty synthetics, you can feel safe breathing in a space scented by our Room Sprays.

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Home fragrance

Scent Detox giveaway

03 March 2024

We've partnered with the beautiful brands mentioned in our journal post to offer a giveaway — with a prize value of $960 USD.

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