laundry day


a verdant, sun-filled citrus

A crisp and sun-filled citrus, inspired by the energy of spring. That evocative time of year when windows are flung open to let the outside back in, the scent of fresh grass fills the air, and laundry can once again be hung outside – a ritualistic joy.

top notes

cut grass, aldehydes

heart notes

lime, passionfruit

base notes


  • 100% Natural
  • Recyclable
  • Ethically sourced
  • Low-carbon shipping
  • Vegan
  • Fresh
  • Citrus
  • Green

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scent story

There’s something deeply uplifting about springtime and the reawakening it signifies. We wanted to capture that feeling in a bottle so the energy and freshness of spring can be evoked year round - no matter what season you’re in.

scent story

On a dark Parisian Autumn’s day in the lab with Isaac, I found myself dreaming of the crisp spring air back home in New Zealand. For me, there’s something deeply uplifting about springtime and the reawakening it signifies. I turned to our master perfumer Issac with the idea to capture this feeling in a bottle, something he immediately understood. 

We got lost in the feeling of that first day of spring - when you throw open your windows and anticipate the beauty of the season ahead. Inhale the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass and take joy in the ritual of hanging your sheets on the line, knowing it’ll dry crisp and fresh. Originally we coined this creative idea ‘Laundry Day’ purely as a working name, but it stuck, and Laundry Day became a metaphor for all that is possible in the change of the seasons.

To capture the energy of spring, Laundry Day opens with a zesty cut grass and biotech aldehyde accord, has an upcycled passionfruit and lime heart, and a rich vetiver base.

The overall effect is a verdant, sun-filled citrus that reawakens the senses. Transporting you to spring, no matter where you are, or what season you’re in. 


full ingredients list

aldehyde c12 — *plant derived aldehyde note hexenol cis-3 — *plant derived green tea note bergamot oil (bergapten free) — Italy lime oil — west indian orange oil — south africa neroli oil — tunisia green tea extract — *plant derived green tea note decalactone gamma — *naturally derived creamy note passionfruit symtrap recovery — *upcycled passionfruit note magnolia flower — china vetiver oil — haiti ambroxan — *plant derived ambergris note ketamber — *biotech ambergris note ambrettolide — *biotech musk note triethyl citrate — *biotech plant solvent. INCI (potential allergens):Citral, Citronellol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool

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“With its blend of verdant, sunny citrus, alongside zesty freshly mowed grass, biotech aldehyde, passionfruit, lime and vetiver, Laundry Day reflects the energy that comes with a change in season”

We choose natural ingredients for their olfactory beauty and therapeutic, mood-enhancing qualities. Alongside these positive reasons for choosing natural, plant-derived ingredients, there's tangible information as to why we don't use synthetic fragrance molecules derived from fossil fuels. This nonrenewable resource pollutes water and air and has links to several health concerns.


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