we care

At Abel, we believe we are the generation of businesses and consumers who have the power to turn the tables on the global climate crisis. But we need to act now. These are measures we take for the things we care about.

At Abel we are extremely intentional about everything we do and restrain from introducing surplus products into the world. This is why we implemented a 'one in one out' policy in our core collection. Removing a fragrance from the collection to make way for something new ensures excellence and a continually improving collection.

one in one out

fsc compostable packaging

If you don’t want to use your beautiful Abel boxes for another purpose, you can place the entire container in paper recycling or home compost. Our FSC-certified paper comes from regenerative forests sympathetic to indigenous sacred sites where the forest owner is required to employ local workers, provide training, safety equipment and a fair salary.

plant dyes and inks

Chemical dyes pollute waters (and thus our food chains) and pose health threats to those who work around them. We use only vegetable dyes and soy ink in our packaging. These natural alternatives are less toxic throughout the supply chain, from the factories and people working in them to the recycling or composting of your used packaging at home, where plant-derived natural inks and dyes are readily biodegradable.

The entire Abel collection is Vegan Society certified. This means all of our products and 100% of the ingredients used have been independently verified as containing no animal ingredients or by-products throughout the manufacturing process, as well as being cruelty-free. We believe beautiful perfume is only made without harm to animals, ourselves, or our planet.

vegan and cruelty free

bakelite, not plastic

Our perfume caps are not made of plastic, nor are they a petroleum derived product. They are produced from a bakelite thermoset resin crafted from natural gas and plant-based cellulose (32%) derived from wood grown in sustainably managed FSC forests.

Low carbon shipping

Currently, 100% of our New Zealand orders are shipped carbon neutral, and over 60% of our European orders are too. Where there is an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, we take it.