“There’s simply nothing more beautiful than natural.”

I create — 

I need to create, it’s part of my existence. When I'm not creating there’s something that doesn’t feel right. When I create it just happens, it feels like I go somewhere. It doesn’t make much sense to me in this day and age when you need money to survive but the path of creating has given me everything.

I’m currently inspired by —

Textures, colours and how they affect one another.

I’m reading —  

I haven’t picked up a book recently. If anything I read waves, daily. Each line that comes through has so many possibilities with how it breaks and what meets it. They come in so many shapes and sizes and directions. To catch them you need to attempt to read them.

I take care of myself by — 

Starting my morning everyday in the ocean. When I come to the studio afterwards I feel weightless.

I choose natural because — 

Natural is everything. Nature is natural. We are nature. There’s simply nothing more beautiful than natural.

My favourite Abel scent — 

It’s such a hard one, they’re all so good. Nurture! It has a similar effect on me when I walk past jasmine in the bush. It’s not quite the same but it reminds me of comfort.

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