We have learnt from each other —

J — My mum and I are very similar and share the same birthday. There have been many teachings my mum has instilled in us, but perhaps the strongest one is that self belief and manifestation can be very powerful for creating the kind of life that you want to live and desire.

My mother taught me how to be extremely intentional in everything that I do. Ever since I was young, my mum would gift my sister and I notebooks and tell us to write down the kind of lives we wanted to live and the dreams and goals we wanted to achieve. 

She was also a very active in her work and personal life. Everything she did in her life, she did with her whole self with every drop of energy she had. She was an energetic mother, she had her own business and was very dedicated to her running. 

S —  I have learned to give my children freedom to play, get messy with their ideas and thoughts. Freedom to express how they feel and communicate anything and everything to me. 

How we nurture our close relationship —

J — It's hard to nurture a close relationship because we live in different countries and timezones, but we talk and laugh together almost everyday over facetime.

Our Mother’s Day rituals —

J  —  Everyday is Mother's Day. My mum lives in Calgary, Alberta where I was born and raised - a nine hour time difference from where I live now in Amsterdam. We haven't lived in the same place for more than 15 years, which breaks my heart. I make an effort to call her everyday. If we were together, I would play her favourite opera music and cook her a beautiful dinner. 

My mum loves fresh flowers more than anything and on Mother's Day she buys a single red rose for her mother and she takes a moment to remember her mother when she was alive. 

I create 

J — atmospheric moments for people to gather around food and connect through a shared theme. 

S — Financial stability for myself and my two daughters. Good health and well being. A private homecare  company where I coordinate care for people who wish to be at home until their end of life. 

I’m currently inspired by 

J — Seasonal changes in vegetables and nature from winter to spring. 

S —  My dog Pierre who gets me out of the house and into nature every single day snow, wind, rain or sun! 

I’m reading 

J — The Creative Act, Rick Rubin. And M.F.K. Fisher’s The Gastronomical Me.

S — John Grisham, Camino Island.

I take care of myself by

J — Waking up early, long lunches with friends on a Sunday afternoon, walks in nature with Mimi, my fox terrier, calling friends back home in Canada. I also love very hot baths

S —  Swimming, walking my dog, stretching every morning, meditating, being grateful for what I have, my good health and my two amazing daughters. 

I choose natural because  

J — Natural scents smell the most pure.

S — I don’t want to smell like I am wearing perfume from a mile away because I wear it for me and not anybody else. 

My favourite Abel Scent —

J & S — We both love Pause. 

Julia is the founder of Feisty Feast, an Amsterdam-based food agency building a community that celebrates and connects women through memorable culinary experiences and powerful conversations.

Follow her and her delicious creations via @feisty_feast.