“Those with a seat already at the table have the most power to invite/include others.”

The biggest issue I think women face —

Still not having enough seats at the table and being held to different standards.

The women that inspire me most —

Those who manage to juggle career and family. And those who empower other women.

I feel hopeful for gender equality because —

I see so many talented female artists and designers getting the attention and recognition they deserve.

All genders need to participate in this conversation because –

Those with a seat already at the table have the most power to invite/include others.

Objects and installations that showcase the possibilities of materiality and production processes. Inspired by nature and always striving to create unexpected experiences. I love to play with light and movement and often use natural elements like water and sunlight to activate my designs.

I create —

Solar energy and integrating that in my work, for example my installation in Egypt that had solar cells integrated into the mirrors.

I’m currently inspired by —

I'm more listening than reading at the moment as I love podcasts! I start every day with ‘Vox, today explained’. I think it's really important to stay extremely aware of what is happening in the wider world and not just our own bubbles.

I’m reading —

Working hard and playing and relaxing equally hard. Both give me energy. Im a big bather also. Our bathroom is my favourite place to be in our home.

I take care of myself by —

Nature is the best designer. On every level.

I choose natural because —

We are honoured to be showing a selection of Sabine's mirror works at our Wellington Fabriek this month — see below for further details.